When you think of Chess, you probably think of the strategy game played throughout Europe and the Americas. There is another kind of Chess played throughout the world by probably more people than any other strategy game. The game is Chinese Chess. The “Elephant Game” as it is called by the Chinese, dates back more than 2000 years. The origin of Western Chess, its unique style of play results in a wide-open, quick-moving and aggressive contest. Chinese Chess contains the ancient oriental profound philosophy and wisdom, that results it very IQ challenge and very attractive unique styles than any game you've been played, you can challenge it in your whole life, and it's suitable for both children and parents. For children, play more will make them smarter more.

Chinese Chess for Beginners explains the basic rules of the game clearly and in detail so that you can start playing right away.

Chinese Chess Reviewer

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Kanji characters in Chinese Chess

Kanji CharacterEnglish Yale RomanisationJyutping RomanisationAudio
象棋 Chinese Chess Jeung Kei zoeng6 kei4
世事如棋Life is just in harmony with Chess, masters, always keeping watch in silence, meet trouble, backward still have chances; once made a decision, never regret. Sai Si Yue Keisai3 si6 jyu4 kei4
楚河漢界 border river of Choh and national boundary of Hon Choh Hoh Hon Gaaico2 ho4 hon3 gaai3
General Jeung zoeng1
Commander in chief Sui seoi3
仕士 Adviser Si si6
Seems; elephant Jeung zoeng6
Looks; prime minister Seung soeng3
Machine; chariot Gui gei1
Horse Ma maa5
Cannon Paau paau3
Cannon Paau paau4
Pawn;soldier Bing bing1
Pawn;soldier Jut zeot1
Rice field Tin tin4
Day;Sun Yat jat6
馬踏日角 Horse tramp diagonal of the shape of character day Ma Daap Yat Gok maa5 daap6 jat6 gok3
炮打翻山 Cannon fire over mountain Paau Da Faan Saan maa5 daap6 jat6 gok3
Forward Jun zeon3
退 Backward Tui teoi3
Traverse; horizontally move Ping ping4
Front Chin cin4
Rear Hau hau6
飛象過河 Break a rule. Fei Jeung Gwoh Hoh fei1 zoeng6 gwo3 ho4
事急馬行田 To be flexible, to adapt to circumstances in an emergency. Si Gap Ma Haang Tinsi6 gap1 maa5 hang6 tin4
食人隻車 To exploit or expropriate the belongings of others. Sik Yan Jek Guisik6 jan4 zek3 gei1

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